Feminist Author Marilyn French Dies

Marilyn French, a feminist author best known for her novel, “The Women’s Room,” died over the weekend in New York. According to the Telegraph UK, French once said “My goal in life is to change the entire social and economic structure of Western civilization, to make it a feminist world.”

Gloria Steinem described the novel in an interview: “It was about the lives of women who were supposed to live the lives of their husbands, supposed to marry an identity rather than become one themselves, to live secondary lives….It expressed the experience of a huge number of women and let them know that they were not alone and not crazy,” reported the Manila Bulletin.

French also published Beyond Power: On Women, Men, and Morals (1985) The War Against Women (1992), and From Eve to Dawn: A History of Women (2002), among other titles.


Manila Bulletin 5/4/09; Telegraph UK 5/4/09

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