Feminist Majority Leadership Alliances Mobilize Support for Reproductive Rights

The INDIANA UNIVERSITY AT BLOOMINGTON Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance hosted a successful and well-attended first general interest meeting, with 70 students in attendance. The group organized their meeting agenda in advance, following some guidelines from the FMF campus resources. The group is continually generating interest in feminism and combating stereotypes about the feminist movement. “We work on very important issues, such as reproductive rights for women which are currently threatened,” said senior Emily Roth, former president of the FMLA. “There are definitely stereotypes, like that feminists are man-haters, but that’s not the case because we actually have men on our executive board.” Great Job! The Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance at CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY also hosted a successful first general meeting earlier last month. The group had dozens of students in attendance as the event was so well publicized. The NORTHEASTERN ILLINOIS Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance hosted their 2nd annual “Chalk Talk” visibility event to raise awareness about feminist issues. During the event, FMLA activists and campus participants selected from a list of feminist quotes or chose their own inspirational quotes and chalked messages of solidarity on their campus grounds. A member of the group demonstrated traditional East Indian chalk art form as the centerpiece of the event. In addition, the group had an open mike set up in where feminists could read poetry, prose, or work related to feminism.

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