Feminist Majority Leads Wichita Clinic Defense Efforts

For the past four weeks the Feminist Majority Foundation has led efforts to protect Dr. George Tiller’s reproductive health clinic in Wichita, Kansas by providing logistical and organizing experience and spearheading volunteer recruitment drives to ensure patients’ access to the clinic after “Operation Save America” arrives this weekend.

Feminist Majority staff have trained hundreds of volunteers to safeguard the clinic and worked with local law enforcement officials to provide defense against the anti-abortion extremist group that forced the clinic to shut down for six weeks in 1991.

These efforts are organized by the Feminist Majority Foundation’s National Clinic Access Project, the oldest and largest clinic defense project in the nation, which works to keep women’s health clinics despite the many attempts by anti-abortion terrorists to use violence and intimidation to close them. “Twenty percent of our nation’s clinics are experiencing severe clinic violence. Recently, there has been a qualitative increase in the intensity of threats against doctors, clinic staff and now even patients,” said Eleanor Smeal, president of the Feminist Majority Foundation.


The Feminist Majority Foundation

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