Feminist Theologian Mary Daly Sues Boston College

Last Friday, feminist theologian and professor Mary Daly took Boston College to court making public statements that Daly was “retiring” from her professorship.

Daly, who has accused Boston College of engaging in “thug behavior” and “firing a tenured professor,” has also demanded that her employer of 25 years refrain from distributing a course catalog that doesn’t include descriptions of her courses.

The dispute between Daly and Boston College concerns Daly’s refused to allow male students into an advanced feminist theory course. College officials issued her an ultimatum last year, saying that Daly would lose her job if she didn’t begin admitting male students into her Fall ’99 course. Daly believes that the presence of male students would make it impossible for her female students to perform up to their full potential, and refused.

Daly’s objection isn’t opposed to teaching male students, and has instructed many through independent study courses. In fact, Daly used to teach all-male courses before Boston College became coed in 1970.

The college denies Daly’s claims. Spokesperson Jack Dunn said “She agreed to retire” and added, “We have no intention of letting her renege on her agreement.”


AP - May 15, 1999

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