Feminist Writer Faces Arrest Warrant In Bangladesh Homecoming

Feminist writer Taslima Nasreen faces a court order for her arrest after returning to her native country of Bangladesh.

Nasreen was forced to flee her country in 1994 due to death threats issued because of her feminist writing. Her writing, deemed “anti-Muslim” by some, also prompted the filing of a case against Nasreen by Zainal Abedin Babul, a devout Moslem who was insulted by Nasreen’s book Nirbachito Kolum.

Close to 3,000 Moslems rallied in the capital Dhaka, Friday, calling for “infidel” Nasreen to be caught and executed for insulting Islam.

The reason for her return is not known. Newspapers have speculated that her ailing mother or a possible court appearance related to the 1994 case may have forced her return.


Reuters - September 25, 1998

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