Feminist Writer Wins Social Justice Award

Feminist writer Barbara Ehrenreich will receive the fourth annual Puffin/Nation Prize on December 1. She is receiving this honor because of her significant work for social justice, most notably for “exposing truths largely ignored by the media,” such as “the day-to-day indignities endured by the nation’s working poorÉ” Ehrenreich is the author of the best-selling book Nickel and Dimed. With Arlie Russell Hochschild, she co-edited Global Woman, about the global exploitation of female workers, particularly in the service industry. “We have to do much more to dramatize poverty, and make it something the politicians can’t look away from,” said Ehrenreich. “It’s too easy right now for the poor to blend in.” The first national magazine Ehrenreich ever wrote for was Ms. magazine in the late 1970s. Her work has since appeared in numerous national magazines, including The Nation, Harper’s, The Progressive, The New Republic, and The Atlantic Monthly. The Puffin/Nation Prize is a join endeavor between the Puffin Foundation of New Jersey and the Nation Institute that carries a $100,000 award. The 2002 recipient was Dolores Huerta, co-founder of the United Farm Workers and a board member of both the Feminist Majority Foundation and Ms. magazine. JOIN the Ms. community and receive one year of the premier feminist magazine


University of Oregon; Nation Institute 11/15/04

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