Feminists Celebrate Mifepristone Approval: The First Year

Feminists around the country are celebrating the first anniversary of the approval of mifepristone for use in the United States as an early abortion option. Medical abortion with mifepristone has the potential to expand access to abortions in the US since many doctors who do not currently perform surgical abortions have said that they would administer mifepristone. In fact, the National Abortion Federation (NAF) and Planned Parenthood report widespread satisfaction from abortion providers offering mifepristone and patients seeking this non-surgical form of early abortion. Danco, manufacturer and distributor of mifepristone, is in its first phase of its distribution strategy, and will continue to expand availability and training nationwide. The Feminist Majority Foundation, whose twelve-year campaign helped gain mifepristone approval in the US, continues to educate the public on this important abortion option with the Prescribe Choice campus campaign. In addition, FMF’s Compassionate Use Program helps terminally ill patients for whom mifepristone offers hope of potential treatment for life-threatening illnesses, including brain tumors and progesterone dependent cancers. FMF continues to press for clinical trials to move forward on mifepristone’s possible other uses.


Feminist Majority Foundation

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