Feminists in Iran Arrested Advocating Women’s Rights

Feminist Jelveh Javaheri”s arrest makes her the second feminist to be arrested in Iran in two weeks for campaigning for women”s rights. Jelveh Javaheri was charged with “publishing false information”, “disturbing public opinion”, and “publicity against the Islamic Republic” by setting up her internet advocacy website “We-Change”, Reporters Without Borders reports.

Approximately 33 women have been arrested in Iran this year for protesting against discriminatory laws, and demanding change on laws pertaining to legalized polygamy, child custody, and raising the legal age of marriage. Jahaveri is the fourth activist since October to be jailed, Radio Free Europe reports.

“By harassing feminist activists in this manner, the regime wants to put a stop to these news and information websites, and that constitutes a serious violation of free expression,” a statement from Reporters Without Borders read.


Reporters Without Borders 12/06/07; Radio Free Europe 12/05/07

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