Feminists Launch Emergency Contraception Public Education Email

Nation writer Katha Pollitt and activist/writer Jennifer Baumgardner recently launched a campaign to inform the public about emergency contraception (EC). Citing the high rate of unwanted pregnancy in the United States, the two feminists argue that EC could have the potential to bring this number down. However, only 2 percent of all adult women have ever used EC, and only 11 percent know enough about it to use it (Nation). Pollitt and Baumgardner have written a detailed, accessible “Open Letter About EC” that they are encouraging people all over the United States to email to their friends, families, and coworkers in a grassroots effort to increase public knowledge of EC and how to use it.

This public education campaign complements the Feminist Majority Foundation’s work to increase public awareness of EC, particularly among young women. In addition, FMF has launched a campaign to increase public support for Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of over-the-counter EC, which would vastly increase its availability.

TAKE ACTION: Read the full text of Pollitt and Baumgardner’s open letter about EC, and pass it on to ten more people.

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The Nation 9/16/02

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