Ferraro Says More Women Needed In Government

New York US Senate Candidate Geraldine Ferraro proclaimed that there is “a need for women in leadership positions” because “we bring another dimension to the political process” in a speech delivered to the National Association of Women Business Owners.

In a television campaign ad, Ferraro said “Instead of thinking in win-lose terms, women are more apt to see the gray areas in between.” “It’s not necessarily better,” she said, “But it is different.”

Her campaign theme calling for more women in office has come under criticism from her opponents. Mark Green, the public advocate for New York City, criticized her for saying women politicians have a different perspective on issues because of their roles in society. He implied that gender was an irrelevant distinction in a governmental candidate. Representative Charles E. Schumer agreed, saying, “Women aren’t just interested in gender. They’re interested in who can do the most for them.”

Green and Schumer are Ferraro’s opponents in he bid to win the Democratic primary this fall. Ferraro hopes to unseat Republican Senator Alfonse M. D’Amato from his post this fall.


The Washington Post - July 31, 1998

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