First Lesbian Super PAC Launched

The first lesbian Super PAC, LPAC, was launched yesterday. LPAC, which is supported by actress Jane Lynch and tennis star Billie Jean King, will support pro-lesbian candidates and issues. LPAC has already received pledges of $200,000 and aims to raise one million dollars this election cycle. The group has not announced which candidates or issues it will support, but Representative Tammy Baldwin’s Senate race is a strong contender. If elected, Baldwin will be the first openly gay Senator.

The group will support candidates regardless of party affiliation, gender, race, or sexual orientation as long as the candidate support LPAC’s goals: ending discriminatory treatment of LGBT individuals and their families; supporting sexual and reproductive freedom and women’s access to quality healthcare; and furthering social, racial, and economic justice for all Americans. Urvashi Vaid, LGBT activist and LPAC supporter, said in a statement, “I’m involved in starting LPAC because I want to create a fresh politics, one in which the lives of ordinary working women and men, LGBT people and people of color matter, and because I believe lesbians must step up and lead in solving our country’s challenges.”

In addition to its election goals, LPAC also aims to create a political community for lesbians that extends beyond the 2012 election. The group also hopes to become a fierce activist presence in US politics. Sarah Schmidt, LPAC Chair, said to The Advocate, “We feel like we’re fighting for something as women. We are fighting for basic human rights and we’re not going to apologize for that.”

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