First Woman Constable of Harris County Sworn In

Constable May Walker was sworn-in January 2, 2005 as the first female and African American Constable of Harris County, Precinct 7. This is the third-largest county in the US, and Walker won with 82% of the vote.

For 24 years, Walker was a member of the Houston Police Department (HPD). She confronted, challenged and filed various lawsuits in support of minorities, questioning the hiring and promotion practices of the department.

As her career developed, Walker became very familiar with the ins and outs of the legal system. She was part of a class action lawsuit in 1974; the lawsuit was filed on behalf of minorities in HPD and included the Houston Fire Department (HFD).

Today, many Blacks, Hispanics and women officers in both departments are enjoying the fruits of her labor. Walker has withstood many challenges and while some thought she was out for the count, they didn’t know she was only getting a second wind.


Press Release from Precinct 7, 1/20/05

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