First Woman in Jordan Elected Outside of Designated Women’s Quota

Falak Jamaani has become the first woman to win a seat in Jordan”s outside of the country”s quota system for women in the legislature. The victory increases the number of female members of Parliament in Jordan from six to seven, Women’s eNews reports.

Jordan’s quota system reserves six seats in the 110 seat lower- parliament for women, but Jamaani defeated 15 male opponents for her seat. In 2003 when King Abdullah II introduced the quota system, 54 women announced their candidacy. This year close to a quarter of the candidates were women, Jordan Times.

“I’m going to work on promoting and drafting laws concerning women while in office,” Jaamani said. “It”s now up to me and all the women to use this gift to promote our place in politics.”


Women�s eNews, 11/29/07; Jordan Times, 11/21/07

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