First Woman Speaker of the House a Possibility

Rep. Jennifer Dunn (R-Wash.) announced her candidacy this week to take over Newt Gingrich’s post as speaker of the House of Representatives. Dunn would become the first woman to hold the title if elected.

Many have seen Dunn, 57, as the Republican party’s best hope for broadening their appeal to women. “We have an opportunity now to put before the people of the United States a panel of faces that can be [as] broad as the spectrum within the Republican party,” Dunn said Monday.

Dunn was the first woman to hold the position of GOP chairperson in Washington State. She has a solidly conservative voting record, with the exception of abortion issues. Her votes on abortion law have angered many conservatives. Dunn does not favor outlawing all abortions and supports U.S. involvement in international family planning programs. However, she is opposed to including reproductive services as an option in federal employee health plans.


Washington Post - November 13, 1998

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