First Woman Takes Helm of Air Force Academy

On Monday, Lieutenant General Michelle Johnson took control of the Air Force Academy. She is the first woman to assume the role of superintendent to any of the three best-known academies (Army, Navy, Air Force). Johnson was previously at NATO as the deputy chief of staff of operations and intelligence of the Supreme Headquarters of Allied Powers.

via Konstantin Yolshin on Shutterstock
via Konstantin Yolshin on Shutterstock

Johnson will be leading an academy that has been in the spotlight over sexual assault scandals in recent years, during a time when the armed services as a whole are under intense scrutiny regarding military sexual assault. Though not explicitly, the Lt. General alluded to the issue during her speech at the Change of Command ceremony, saying “We can find meaning in adversity, and there are lessons from overcoming negative experiences and to grow stronger through them.”

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