Five Gang-Rape Suspects Arrested in Pakistan

In Chiniot, Pakistan, five men have been arrested for the gang-rape of Fauzia Altaf. Eight men kidnapped and gang-raped Altaf for two days to punish her cousin for having an affair with a woman whose father did not approve. The father was among the arrested suspects. One suspect fled, another was released on bail, and two have yet to be found. Police reported that within the week, the case would be sent to a provincial anti-terrorist court in Faisalabad, Reuters reports.

The gang-rape occurred in the central Punjab province, the same location of the gang-rape of Mukhtaran Mai (also known as Mukhtaran Bibi), whose high-profile case called international attention to violence against women in Pakistan. Mai won an appeal last week that overturned acquittals of her 13 gang-rape perpetrators.

Altaf, the latest victim of an honor crime in Pakistan, said she wanted “the same justice” that Mai received. “I want the men who kidnapped and raped me to be punished,” she told Reuters. Reuters reports that honor killings and rape are common occurrences in some regions of Pakistan.


BBC News 7/7/05; Reuters 7/7/05, 7/6/05

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