Five Indicted in California Kidnapping and Sex Slavery Investigation

In the continuing federal investigation of the sex slavery industry in Los Angeles, California, five Chinese nationals have been indicted on charges of conspiring to kidnap a 22-year-old Chinese woman and forcing her to serve as a prostitute at the brothels they managed. Federal investigator Michael J. Gennaco stated that three brothers, their uncle and the wife of the eldest brother allegedly tricked the young woman into immigrating to New York. With no financial or family support in the U.S., the young woman was forced to become a sex slave upon her arrival in 1994 and through 1996. The family is also accused of rape, battery, extortion and assault against the woman. Wang Yong Tan, 21 and Troy Hong Yee will be arraigned July 1 in Los Angeles while their brother, Wang Yon Can, 26 will be arraigned July 8. The other two defendants, Wang Yong Ming and Li Ming Li have become fugitives.


The Los Angeles Times - June 25, 1996

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