Florida Gov. Vetoes Anti-Abortion License Plates

Florida Governor Lawton Chiles vetoed a request for a new anti-abortion license plate yesterday.

The proposed plate was bright yellow in color, featured the faces of two children and read ”choose life.” An anti-abortion, pro-adoption group called Choose Life Inc. collected 10,000 signatures and paid $30,000 in an attempt to gain legislative approval of the new license tag.

Gov Chiles said, “It’s a subject that is controversial, and divides the state…I don’t think it’s what the state of Florida’s license tags should be used for.” Proceeds from the sale of the license tags, which would have been priced $20 higher than standard plates, were to be distributed to organizations that promote adoption. Gov. Chiles noted in his veto message that organizations that provide abortion services or counseling in addition to adoption services would have been unfairly excluded as recipients.

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Miami Herald - May 21, 1998

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