Florida Governor Indicates Plans to Veto Anti-Choice Bill

Florida Governor Charlie Crist (I) suggested yesterday that he plans to veto a bill that would require women in their first-trimester of pregnancy to undergo and pay for an ultrasound before getting an abortion in the state. Crist, a former Republican who recently announced that he is going to run for the Senate as an Independent, said that he objects to requiring women to pay for forced ultrasounds and that he intends to act on the bill as quickly as possible. The bill, which was sent to Crist on June 7, also requires women to watch the live ultrasound image or have it described to them by a doctor, reported CBS4. According to CBS4, only women who can prove that they were victims of rape, incest, or domestic violence could be exempt from these requirements. Crist has been targeted by the Republican Party after announcing his decision to run as an Independent. According to the Pensacola News Journal, Republican leaders are using the bill to make Crist choose a stance on abortion. Crist has a primarily anti-chioce record. According to the New York Times, 20 states have laws that encourage or require women to view ultrasounds prior to getting an abortion. Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi require doctors to conduct ultrasounds prior to performing abortions,.At least 11 states have passed laws placing restrictions on abortion over the course of the past year, reported the New York Times.


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