Flynt Strikes Again

Hustler publisher Larry Flynt, who last year offered $1 million for proof that members of Congress have engaged in adulterous sexual affairs, has revealed the sexual indiscretions of yet another victim. Flynt says he launched this campaign to reveal the “hypocrisy” of impeachment proceedings against Clinton.

Last year, Rep. Bob Livingston (Rep.-LA) gave up his bid to become House Speaker after learning that Flynt would publicize his extra-marital affairs.

Flynt’s most recent victim was Republican Rep. Bob Barr, a Senate Judiciary Committee member who advocates the impeachment of President Clinton. Flynt allegedly has evidence that Barr had an adulterous affair and, despite his anti-choice stance, paid for a former wife’s abortion and drove her to the appointment.

Barr has refused to answer reporters’ questions about his personal life, but did issue a statement saying, “I have never suggested, urged, forced or encouraged anyone to have an abortion,” and “I have never perjured myself.” Barr was asked about extramarital affairs during proceedings for his second divorce, but did not answer the question, invoking a Georgia law that is similar to the Fifth Amendment.

Angry Republicans have charged that Flynt is working with the White House. Republican National Committee chair Jim Nicholson issued a statement urging Clinton to “end the tactics of sexual terrorism and put your buddy Larry Flynt back in the plain brown paper wrapper where he belongs.”

Flynt says plans to reveal damaging information about seven lesser Republicans as well as another congressional member who is more powerful than Barr.


Reuters - January 12, 1999

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