FMLAs Invited to Attend Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom Summit

The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice Campus Program, the Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom, is hosting a national Summit: “Reflect, Connect, Inspire & Act!” One hundred students will be selected to gather in Washington D.C. on June 7-9th to explore the theologies of reproductive choice, learn communication strategies to better articulate faith values for choice, and gain the tools to counter the Religious Right on campus. Housing and meals are free, and limited scholarship money for travel will be available on an as-needed basis. To apply for the summit, please call Amy Hetrick for registration information, 202-628-7700 xt15, or by email ahetrick@rcrc.org.

For more information on the summit, visit http://www.syrf.org/syrf/StudentSummit.htm and to learn more about the RCRC Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Choice, visit www.syrf.org.

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