Focus on the Family to Lay Off 200 Staff

Focus on the Family, a Colorado Springs-based Christian non-profit group, will eliminate 202 jobs this week. According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, the decision to cut jobs was made after Focus’ chief operating officer determined that the organization will not receive enough income from donations this year to sustain the costs of their workforce.

Focus on the Family was the seventh largest donor in support of Proposition 8, the California ballot measure that overturned California’s state Supreme Court ruling that legalized gay marriage. According to the Colorado Independent, the organization gave $539,000 in cash, $83,000 in non-monetary support, and an additional $450,000 personal donation from a wealthy member of the board to the Yes on Proposition 8 effort.

For the third time in as many years, Focus on the Family is laying off employees due to budget cuts. Mark Lewis, an anti-Proposition 8 activist told the Colorado Independent, “If I were their membership, I would be appalled,” said Mark Lewis, an anti-Proposition 8 activist, according to the Colorado Independent. Focus’ substantial donations to Proposition 8, when the issue will ultimately be decided in the courts, were “just a waste of money.”


The Colorado Gazette 11/17/2008, The Colorado Independent 11/17/2008

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