Former Federal Employee Wins Sexual Harassment Case

A federal district court jury in Georgia awarded Vickie D. Galliher one of the largest amounts of money ever involved in federal government sexual harassment case. Last week, the former employee of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Brunswick, Ga. won $72,000 in back pay and $600,000 in damages. Galliher, who possesses a master’s degree in sports medicine, accused the Center of rejecting her for a promotion from health trainer to instructor, instead giving the job to a lesser-qualified man. After she filed a complaint in 1994 with equal employment opportunity officials in Washington, the training center subjected her to poor evaluations, obscene telephone calls and eavesdropping. The ostracism led Galliher to quit her job after two and a half years. Although a spokesman for the Center said last week that the Center would appeal the verdict, it may owe more compensation after a judge rules on the issues of lost pay and legal fees.


The Washington Post - August 12, 1997

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