Former Miss USA Sues Sultan who Allegedly Kept her in Captivity

Former Miss USA Shannon Marketic has filed a federal lawsuit alleging that the Sultan of Brunei Haji Hassanal Bolkiah and his brother, Prince Jaji Jefri Bolkiah held her against her will and tried to turn her into their “sexual toy.” Marketic is also suing Kaliber Talent Consultants who sent her to the Sultan’s palace promising that the engagement would be modeling and a promotion, while aware that she was being sent to work as a “prostitute” for the Sultan and his friends. The first day at the Sultan’s palace, when Marketic realized sex was expected of her, she requested to leave but was allegedly put under house arrest. At night she was allegedly forced to dance at parties, engage in sex and during the day was forced to watch movies of prostitutes killed. One guest allegedly shouted at her, “What do you think you are here for? You might have been Miss USA but you’re a whore now.” After 32 days of being detained, Marketic was given her passport and return ticket and given twenty minutes to pack and leave.

Marketic is suing the Sultan, believed to be the wealthiest man in the world, for $90 dollars. The Sultan has denied ever meeting Marketic.


The Nando Net - March 24, 1997

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