Four Colleges Face Charges of Mishandling Sexual Assault

Four universities across the country are facing allegations of mishandling sexual assault cases in violation of the Clery Act and Title IX.

On Wednesday, students filed complaints against Dartmouth College, Swarthmore College, University of California at Berkeley, and the University of Southern California. Attorney Gloria Allred said at a press conference, “We are asking the United States Department of Education to open an investigation into these complaints and take appropriate actions to force these colleges to comply with the law or risk losing their federal funding.”

She continued, “Women from all over this country are demanding that their colleges stop these rapes and sexual assaults from happening. They will no longer accept the status quo where rapes and sexual assaults are being swept under the rug and condoned by college administrators.”

One of the students filing a complaint, Sofie Karasek, spoke about her experience of reporting sexual assault at UC Berkeley. “They solved it through the early resolution process, which meant that there were no hearings and they never asked me for evidence,” she said. “I received another email telling me my assailant was charged with a violation of student conduct, but it did not say if any disciplinary action been taken.” A week later, her attacker graduated.

The new allegations are a continuation of a string of sexual assault challenges. Last month, a complaint was filed against Occidental College for violating Title IX and the Clery Act. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is also facing Title IX and Clery Act complaints.


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