Four Persons Questioned in Connection with Tulsa Abortion Clinic Bombings

Authorities have questioned suspects in relation to a Tulsa abortion clinic which was bombed twice on New Year’s Day and twice on January 19th. FBI spokesman Dan Vogel announced that authorities have four persons, two of them juveniles, in custody for questioning. “Everybody in there is a suspect. And there’s a possibility that we may make an arrest sometime today,” Vogel said. Authorities received a tip late Wednesday which led them to get a search warrant for a house in the suburb of Bixby. Tulsa Police Chief Ron Palmer said, “We are X-raying things in the house in regards to explosives.”

On February 2nd, a man broke into and shot office equipment and the waiting room of the same Tulsa abortion clinic.


The Nando Times - February 6, 1997

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