Fox Commentator Jokes about Poisoning Nancy Pelosi

Fox News commentator Glenn Beck joked about poisoning House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) wine on his show last week. The sketch mocked an upcoming Napa Valley fundraiser for the Speaker and featured a staffer sitting across from Beck wearing a Pelosi mask, according to the Huffington Post. Beck repeated “Drink it. Drink it. Drink it,” as the staffer picked up her glass. He continued, “I wanted to thank you for having me over here in wine country…By the way, I put poison in your…No. I look forward to all the policy discussions we’re supposed to have.”

In a press release, Media Matters president Eric Burns said that Beck’s statements are “just the latest in a series of actions, statements, and stunts that have no place on a credible news network.” Media Matters is calling on Fox to fire Glenn Beck.

Beck’s statements came just three days after he decried violence and disrespect in political commentary. He stated on his August 3rd show, “There is no excuse for violence…If you ever hear someone thinking about or talking about turning violent, it is your patriotic duty to stop them.”


Huffington Post 8/10/09, Media Matters Press Release 8/7/09

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