Fox News Crosses the Line with Commentary on Teresa Heinz Kerry

Fox News reporters Chris Wallace and Brian Kilmeade responded Tuesday evening to potential First Lady Teresa Heinz Kerry’s prime-time speech with inappropriate xenophobic remarks. Wallace mocked and ridiculed Heinz Kerry, according to Media Matters for America, saying on-camera that he “half expected her to break out into ‘Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina'” by the end of her speech. Ms. Magazine’s editor-in-chief, Elaine Lafferty, responded Wednesday in a press release: “Crude name calling and comparisons with the wife of an Argentinean leader who headed a fascist regime can hardly be what Fox news was hoping for in a man with Mr. Wallace’s credentials.” Lafferty continued, “His comments were not only offensive to women; they were offensive to Republicans and Democrats and all who respect American democracy as exercised in our national political conventions.” Media Matters for America also reported that after Heinz Kerry began her speech by greeting the audience in each of the five languages she speaks, co-host Kilmeade stated, “It did throw me just a little bit, although sometimes I’m fortunate enough to have a driver that does speak Portuguese.” JOIN the Feminist Majority


Ms. Magazine Press Release, 7/28/04; Media Matters for America, 7/28/04

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