Fugitive Alleged Clinic Bomber’s Fingerprints Found at NC Campsite

Federal agents found fingerprints on a piece of trash in the North Carolina that matches those of Eric Robert Rudolph, who is suspected of bombing a Birmingham, Atlanta abortion clinic last January.

The fingerprints are the latest clue discovered in the FBI investigation, led by Woody Enderson of the Southeast Bomb Task Force. Rudolph is one of the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted Criminals.” The Birmingham clinic bombing resulted in the death of an off-duty officer and left a nurse severely wounded. Rudolph is also a suspect in three other Atlanta area bombings of an abortion clinic and a lesbian bar as well as the Olympic Park bombin which resulted in one woman’s death. Rudolph has been a fugitive for six months, surfacing only once during that time, when he attempted to buy food at a North Carolina health food store, according to the FBI. Two days later, Rudolph allegedly stole a truck and a six-month food supply, then retreated back into the hills surrounding Nantahala Lake.

More than 200 federal agents are searching the 300-square mile area where Rudolph, purportedly an accomplished naturalist, is thought to be hiding.


Reuters - July, 23 1998

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