Gay Hate Crime Reported in Australia

While debates on whether or not to pass hate crime legislation in the U.S. continue, Australia is dealing with anti-gay hate crimes of its own.

Two gay men in Perth were tied up, beaten, burned, and told they would be castrated by a man who broke into their home Wednesday.

The victims said the assailant made it clear he was there to torture them because he hated gays. “He used a cigarette lighter to burn them and hit them with a baton,” said Sgt. Bill Malasits.

One of the victim had his nose broken and suffered a perforated eardrum from being kicked in the head. “It was absolutely terrifying. We didn’t know where it was going to end,” said one of the unidentified victims. “This guy wasn’t mucking around. He was here half an hour torturing us.”

The victims have been treated for their injuries. The perpetrator has not yet been found.


Nando.net and AFP- November 4, 1998

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