Gay Lawmaker May be “Honorably Discharged”

Lieutenant Steve May, an Army Reserve officer with a spotless record could be the next casualty in the Army’s “don’t ask don’t tell” policy. Lt. May was honorably discharged in 1995, but was recalled to the Army Reserve during the fighting in Kosovo. In the interim, Lt. May ran for office and was open about his sexuality. Lt. May also spoke about being gay during a 1999 debate on a bill that would have prevented gay government employees’ partners from receiving benefits. Initially, the Army sought a “less-than-honorable” general discharge for May, but top ranking Army officials proposed an honorable discharge for May„a typical course of action for soldiers forced to leave the Army because of sexuality. May plans to appeal the discharge recommendation and will continue to serve during the entire process.


New York Times _ September 18, 2000

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