Gay Rights Victories in 4 Cities

Voters in three cities in Michigan and in Miami Beach, Florida voted in favor of gay rights in their municipalities. In Traverse City, Michigan, 58 percent of voters opposed amending the city charter to bar gays and lesbians from attaining “protected status” based on sexual orientation. Fifty-four percent of voters in Kalamazoo, Michigan rejected a similar proposed amendment. In Huntington Woods, Michigan, 69 percent of voters agreed to keep an anti-discrimination ordinance already approved by the city, and in Miami Beach, Florida, 65.7 percent of voters approved health benefits to domestic partners of city employees who registered with the municipality. The only city to vote against gay rights was Houston, Texas, where 51.5 percent of voters opposed health benefits for domestic partners of city employees. If Houston had voted in favor of the measure, it would have become the first city in Texas to offer benefits for gay and lesbian partners.


Associated Press, 11/07/01

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