Gay Youth Center Attacked in Israel

A gay youth center was attacked by a gunman in Tel Aviv, Israel, on Saturday. A masked man entered the Tel Aviv Gay and Lesbian Association building and opened fire on a group of young people gathered for a weekly support group meeting, reports the BBC. The shooter fled on foot and remains at large. Two were killed and eleven wounded in the attack.

“I fear that if the man who did this is not found, the consequences to the gay community might be far-reaching – they might live in fear,” said Arnon Hirsch, a lawyer who attended a protest of the attack on Saturday night, reports the Associated Press. According to the BBC, police have ordered the temporary closure of all gay clubs in Tel Aviv.

A 26-year-old male counselor at the center and a 17-year-old woman were fatally shot. The shooting is Israel’s worst attack targeted at the gay and lesbian community.


BBC 8/2/09; Associated Press 8/2/09

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