Gays Rights Advocates Win in Russian Case

The European Court on Human Rights will fine Russia for banning parades organized by the gay community in Moscow. The decision, which was released earlier today, marks a much-needed victory for Russia’s marginalized gay community, reports the New York Times.

Nikolai Alexeyev, a Russian gay rights activist, filed three cases with the court arguing that Russia violated the European Convention on Human Rights, according to the New York Times. The court ruled that Russia hindered its citizens’ right to assembly and discriminated on the grounds of sexual orientation, and, as a result, ordered Russia to pay $41,090 to Alexeyev in damages.

Alexeyev told Al Jazeera that “this is a crippling blow to Russian homophobia on all accounts.” He continued, “Russia will also have to change its legislation in terms of guaranteeing protection for those who wish to demonstrate freely.”

In the years prior to the case, Russian authorities forbid homosexuals from holding demonstrations for fear of a violent reaction from its citizens, reports Al Jazeera.


The New York Times 10/21/10; Al Jazeera 10/21/10

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