Gender Discrimination Suit Against Bloomberg LP Grows

The number of plaintiffs in a gender discrimination suit filed against Bloomberg LP grew last week from 58 to 72. According to New York Magazine, one in seven female employees who became pregnant in the last six years are now plantiffs in the lawsuit brought by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against Bloomberg LP last fall.

According to the Associated Press , the EEOC claims Bloomberg LP discriminated against women after they disclosed their pregnancies by regularly demoting them, reducing their professional duties, and, according to Reuters, replacing them with “junior” male employees.

The financial news service company was founded by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. He is not named as a defendant in the lawsuit but has a 68 percent stake in the company. According to the Associated Press, when Bloomberg was still chief executive, he and other company managers where involved in a 2002 lawsuit that alleged discrimination against pregnant women and accused Michael Bloomberg of sexual harassment.


New York Magazine 9/14/2008, Associated Press 5/21/2008, Reuters 5/1/2008

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