Gender Gap Decisive for Clinton in Pennsylvania

Women voters in Pennsylvania turned out in huge numbers for Senator Hillary Clinton on Tuesday. 59% of Democratic voters overall were women, only 41% were men. 57% of women voted for Senator Clinton, while only 48% of men did, resulting in a decisive nine-point gender gap, according to CNN exit polls. Race was also a significant factor: white voters went 62% to 38% for Clinton, while black voters went 89% to 11% for Obama.

The gender gap data among white voters was also relevant, with white women voting 66% for Clinton and white men voting only 56% for Clinton, for a ten-point gender gap. Data by gender on the black vote, which comprised 14% of the Democratic electorate, was not released with the exit polls.

Age was also an important factor, with Clinton winning a strong majority of voters over 45, and Obama winning a strong majority of voters 44 and under. However, 69% of the electorate in Pennsylvania were over the age of 45.


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