Gender Gap on Gun Control Could Help Gore

A recent poll conducted by Handgun Control, Inc. suggests that the gender gap in opinions regarding gun control could mean stronger support for Vice President Al Gore in his presidential candidacy. The poll, released July 24, says that when suburban women interviewed in six key states were made aware of the candidates’ stances and records on gun control, they favored Gore close to 30 points over Bush. Women do not support Bush’s defense of the “right to bear arms,” especially his recent move to sign into law measures that legalize carrying concealed weapons. The NRA’s support of Bush also influenced women’s opinions, with 57 percent favoring Gore, and only 29 percent favoring Bush. The poll showed that, overall, 60 percent of voters favor gun control measures such as owner licensing, mandatory safety locks and background checks at gun shows. Voters also indicated that they would be more likely to vote for candidates who support such laws. Given Bush’s record, gun control issues could substantially help Gore in the election, especially in gaining women’s votes, which could be a deciding factor in what will likely be a close race.


NY Times 25 July, A20 and NY Times 26 July, 2000

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