Genetic Link to Cervical Cancer

In a study conducted by doctors at the University of Uppsala in Sweden, evidence was found that linked cervical cancer with genetic factors. This is contrary to the belief that a particular strand of the sexually transmitted disease, the human papilloma virus, causes cervical cancer.

The study examined the 127,000 relatives of 71,533 women with cervical cancer. Researchers followed both biological and adoptive mothers and daughters. They concluded that women who have relatives who have developed this cancer are at a higher risk that those who do not. They also found other factors that indicate this type of cancer is possibly hereditary.

Dr. Wendy Brewster of the University of California at Irvine said, “This certainly gives us more of a reason to believe it’s related to genetics. For so long with cervical cancer it’s been argued that it’s environmental or a sexually transmitted cancer.”

Cervical cancer affects 16,000 women in the United States annually. Approximately 5,000 die each year.


Nando Times and AP - June 30, 1999

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