Genocide Awareness Project Generates Controversy on Campuses

On college campuses across the nation, the Genocide Awareness Project is pushing its anti-choice propaganda, comparing women who choose to have abortions to Nazis and White Supremacists. Sponsored by the Center for Bio-ethical Reform, the Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) assembles graphic anti-choice displays on school property, including 20-foot posters purportedly showing aborted fetuses alongside victims of the Holocaust and the September 11 attacks, according to Capital 9 News. “We’re horrified at such a huge display which basically incites hatred. Some extremist group has decided to exploit the memory of all genocides, including holocaust and racism for purpose of inciting hatred against women,” Shelley Shapiro, Director of Community Relations for the United Jewish Federation of Northeastern New York, told Capital 9 News.

Students at the University at Albany, the site of the latest GAP, decided to offer alternatives after complaints of emotional manipulation. VOX of Planned Parenthood set up displays about abortion rights and UAlbany’s Women’s Studies Department organized a “DIE IN” representing victims of back alley abortions. GAP’s visit last fall to Temple University prompted groups to collect over 500 signatures to ban GAP from Temple’s Campus, according to Temple News. Since GAP’s demonstration, Temple has enacted new rules “restricting the size of public exhibits to eight feet in height, and informing the University community about any such exhibitions in advance,” Temple News reports.

Rabbi Daniel Fink of Boise, Idaho is urging churches and student religious groups on campuses not to sponsor the GAP exhibit because it is “offensive to Jews and African Americans and could incite violence against abortion providers and patients,” according to Presbyterian Church (USA). “Even if one is strongly anti-abortion, the notion that a woman who chooses to abort an 8-week-old fetus is in any way analogous to Nazis or white supremacist lynch mobs is abhorrent,” Rabbi Daniel Fink said in a letter to Boise Roman Catholic Bishop Michael Driscoll, according to Presbyterian Church (USA).


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