Gerald Gardner, Feminist Intellectual and Activist Dies

Gerald H F Gardner, a feminist, mathematician, geophysicist, and activist in the National Organization for Women for over 40 years died of leukemia Saturday in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, at the age of 83. “The feminist movement lost a major force in the fight for equality, especially employment and wage equality,” said Eleanor Smeal, who worked closely with Gerry and his wife of 59 years, Dr. JoAnn Evansgardner. Gardner was the brilliant mathematician behind the Pittsburgh Press want ads case that successfully challenged male-only and female-only job listings in the classified newspaper ads nationwide. His work was key in several other landmark employment cases which challenged discrimination in the employment of supermarket workers, warehouse workers, and police officers.

Drs. Gardner and Evansgardner were a dynamic duo. He provided the mathematical analysis which exposed the devastating impact of race and sex discrimination in dollars and cents over the lifetime of a worker in various fields. As a doctor of psychology, she provided the energy, drive, and strategy for successful outcomes.

“Gerry Gardner was always there at rallies, marches, meetings, a supportive force for women’s rights,” remembered Smeal. “He not only used his intellectual talent, but he also did day-in and day-our work to further the rights of women, no matter how big or small the task.”

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