Germany Condemns Taliban; Amnesty International Confirms Massacre of Civilians by Taliban

During the six-week session of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer condemned the Taliban for “completely depriving” Afghan women and girls of their human rights, and for destroying ancient Buddha statues in the region. Italy is expected to issue a resolution against the Taliban before the session ends.

The Taliban, a fundamentalist militia that controls 90 percent of Afghanistan, has stripped women and girls of their rights, including the rights to education, work, and mobility. Amnesty International released a report earlier this week detailing the January massacre committed by Taliban forces against 300 unarmed men and a number of women and children in the Yakaolang district. Eyewitnesses reported that the Taliban arrested and executed Hazara people, and deliberately killed dozens of civilians, including women and children, who were hiding in a mosque. The Taliban denies that the massacre occurred, and has banned journalists from the district.


Amnesty International, Press Release Ð March 28, 2001 and Reuters Ð March 27, 2001

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