Global Women’s Voices: Share Personal Stories

GFeministCampus.org is proud to announce a new section of the site dedicated to the sharing of personal accounts of women’s experiences with reproductive healthcare and family planning from around the globe. We are soliciting stories from women who have sought abortion, contraception, or family planning services and from service providers such as clinic staff and abortion providers, to share their experiences.

As we collect these stories, they will form a resource for journalists covering reproductive rights, and organizations trying to influence policy makers. In addition to the staggering statistics of the numbers of women who seek illegal abortion around the world, we want to hear and share their stories and struggles. The stories will also serve to connect women and activists living and working in countries around the world in order to strengthen organizing across national boundaries.

We’re accepting stories in Spanish, French, Portuguese and English. Please visit http://www.feministcampus.org/globalvoices/ to read stories already posted and share your experiences.

LEARN MORE Click here to read women’s narratives about barriers or successes in accessing reproductive health and family planning services.


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