Gloria Steinem Marries

In case you haven’t read the gossip columns this week, Gloria Steinem, co-founder of Ms. Magazine, married this week. The lucky man is David Bale, South African anti-apartheid activist and father to actor Christian Bale. The news of Steinem’s nuptials surprised many, considering she has spoken out against marriage in the past, once saying, “You became a semi-nonperson when you got married.” In a more recent statement Steinem said, “Though I’ve worked many years to make marriage more equal, I never expected to take advantage of it myself. I hope this proves what feminists have always said„that feminism is about the ability to choose what’s right at each time of our lives.” Eleanor Smeal, President of the Feminist Majority and Feminist Majority Foundation, was surprised and delighted by her colleague’s news, and thrilled that Steinem married a younger man. Steinem is 66, while Bale is 61. Smeal said, “Strike one for womanhood!”


Washington Post _ September 7, 2000

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