Gore Announces Domestic Violence Grants

U.S. Vice President Gore announced Friday that the U.S. government will give states $223 million for programs to prevent, detect, and stop domestic violence.

One hundred thirty-eight million will be allocated to improve the criminal justice system’s response to violence against women and to improve services for abuse survivors under the S.T.O.P. Violence Against women program. Sixty-two million will be used to pay for counseling, legal advocacy, emergency assistance, and other assistance for domestic abuse survivors, and 23 million will be used to create specialized domestic violence units of police, prosecutors, and judiciary officials to handle domestic violence cases.

The Clinton Administration has also asked Attorney General Janet Reno to review the issue of “cyber-stalking” via the Internet. Reno will report back to the Administration in 90 days with recommendations for action.


AP and U.S. Newswire - February 26, 1999

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