Gore Explains His Shift to the Left on Abortion Rights

On NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, Vice President Al Gore described his change in position on abortion rights in the last 10 years. He used to oppose the idea of federal funds being used for abortion services but he is now a staunch supporter saying, “I’ve come to the very deep conviction that a woman’s right to choose must be protected regardless of a woman’s income.” Gore also pointed out that GOP presidential candidate George W. Bush has “sworn to take away a woman’s right to choose.” Bush said on Friday that in choosing a vice presidential candidate, his or her abortion stance would not be “a major factor” despite threats by many conservative leaders that Bush “cannot and will not” be elected president if he picks a pro-choice running mate. Richard Viguerie, the right wing direct mail czar who helped found the ultra-conservative pro-life organization American Life League, has launched a “Veep Survivor” contest as part of his www.bushrunningmate.com website. On this site, by way of daily cyber ballots, he will try to narrow down the vice presidential hopefuls. Viguerie’s first goal: get rid of any mildly moderate nominees, namely Christie Todd Whitman and Tom Ridge, both pro-choice Republicans. For more information on Richard Viguerie and others’ roles in the conservative movement, order our new FMF video Revelations: Exposing the Radical Right. (please provide link to Revelations page)


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