Gore Pledges Support for Affirmative Action to NAACP

At the 91st annual NAACP national convention this past week, both presidential candidates addressed the crowd in part to enlist support for the upcoming election. Vice President Al Gore highlighted his past relationship with the NAACP, pointing out that he has worked with the group, “Not just in an election year, but year after year.” Gore said that he shares the same views as NAACP members on federal hate crime legislation, an increase in minimum wage, and a continuation of affirmative action. George W. Bush, the first Republican presidential candidate to meet with the NAACP in over 8 years, acknowledged his party’s tenuous relationship with the civil right’s group but still managed to largely avoid discussing the most pertinent issues on which the NAACP and the GOP are at odds. Bush failed to mention his stance on the death penalty, statistical sampling for the census, or affirmative action programs but he did vow to enforce existing civil rights laws.


Washington Post - 11 July 2000 and 13 July 2000

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