Groups Condemn Tibetan Human Rights Abuses

The Chinese government has repeatedly and systematically violated the human rights of Tibetan women. Human rights groups have documented cases in which Tibetan women have been sterilized or forced to use contraception against their will, made to undergo abortions, fined or fired from their jobs for exceeding childbirth quotas set by the government, jailed for expressing their political beliefs, or subjected to virginity tests as a condition of employment.

The U.S.-based group International Committee of Lawyers for Tibet has documented 432 cases of involuntary sterilization or contraception alone. Another report issued by the Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy said that at least 1,083 people have been imprisoned for their beliefs, at that nineteen of the prisoners are believed to have died while in police custody.

Tibetan exiles allege that the Chinese government is encouraging ethnic Chinese to move to Tibet in an effort to make Tibetans a minority there.

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AP - January 11, 1999

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