Groups Protest Guess’ Use of Sweatshop Labor

The Feminist Majority, along with other human rights, labor rights, and women’s rights organizations, participated in a noontime leafleting action in front of Hecht’s Department Store on Thursday, August 14. The action was aimed at educating consumers about Guess’ inhumane treatment of contract workers. Most of these workers are immigrant women who work for sub-minimum wages in Guess contract shops. Guess has been cited repeatedly by the Department of Labor for overtime and minimum wage violations. “We cannot stand silently by as these workers are forced to sew Guess clothes under sweatshop conditions, for no benefits, and often, sub-minimum wages,” said Feminist Majority President Eleanor Smeal. “We must educate consumers about the sweatshop conditions of Guess contract shops and about Guess’ retreat to countries where labor laws and their enforcement are more lax than the U.S.”


The Feminist Majority Press Release - August 14, 1997

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