Gun Control Could Be on the Ballot in CO

Colorado voters could have the opportunity to vote on a ballot initiative that, if passed, would regulate gun sales at weekend gun shows. Currently, private dealers at gun shows are exempted from conducting the criminal background checks required for licensed dealers. The ballot initiative would allow voters to overturn the recent move by Colorado’s Republican-led State Legislature to block comprehensive gun control measures. Statewide polls suggest strong support for the measure, with over 80 percent favoring requiring background checks at gun shows. The “gun show loophole” has been the target of gun control advocates. The New York Times reported that one-quarter of gun show vendors are not licensed gun dealers. The issue is particularly salient in Colorado, because all four of the weapons used in the Columbine shootings were purchased at gun shows. Information on gun control is available from the Million Mom March at www.millionmommarch.com.


New York Times A-10 - 5 July 2000

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