Gynetics Inc. Donates Emergency Contraception Kits

Gynetics Inc., maker of the PREVEN Emergency Contraceptive kit, has donated 25,000 of its kits for distribution to low-income women.

The PREVEN Emergency Contraception kit is an FDA-approved product that can prevent pregnancy when used within 72 hours of sex. The kits are available to women who obtain a prescription for them and cost about $20 each.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America will distribute the kits at selected health clinics nationwide as part of a three-year campaign to increase public awareness of emergency contraception. PPFA President Gloria Feldt said, “We salute Gynetics in its efforts to increase women’s access to this import contraceptive option and greatly appreciate its generous donation.”

Gynetics Inc. chair and founder Roderick L. Mackenzie stated, “We are proud to support Planned Parenthood’s initiative to educate women about emergency contraception and to provide the organization with 25,000 PREVEN Kits so that emergency contraception can be made available to any woman who needs it, regardless of her financial status.”


Planned Parenthood and Kaiser Family Foundation - March 16 and 17, 1999

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